About TrustStar Reviews

TrustStar Reviews was established to provide a simple, cost effective reviews platform aimed specifically towards small to medium sized businesses.

Once we saw the extortionate monthly fees that the corporate review platforms were charging, we were convinced an affordable solution would be popular.

As a small independent business ourselves, we are more than aware that the vast majority of businesses in the UK would be reluctant to pay such high fees.

Not only do alternative review platforms charge thousands of pound per annum but they also require companies to pay the total annual fee in advance.

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Why Choose TrustStar Reviews?

TrustStar Reviews provide and maintains a reputable online reviews platform in the UK. We employ a dedicated team of human moderators to protect our reviews platform from fabricated reviews and fraudulent behaviour.

We are committed to providing a fair and open online experience. We work hard to maintain the integrity of our review community and for the businesses and users who use reviews platform.

Being a small company, we take a more personal approach to our clients, and our clients pay monthly with no long term contracts to sign, and can cancel their monthly subscription at any time without any hidden changes.

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Open and Closed Review Platforms!

The majority of review websites are "open review platforms" (including Google) which allow absolutely anyone to leave a review on a company even if they have not purchased a product or service from that company.

TrustStar Reviews operates as a "closed review platform" as we strongly believe that to in order to review a company you must have been an actual customer of that company.

We believe operating a closed review platform protects our platfrom from fake or fabricated reviews as a reviewer needs to verify a product or service buying experience prior to leaving a company review.

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A Sound Marketing Strategy!

Assuming your business offers good products or services then our online review platform offers you an excellent marketing opportunity.

Showing new visitors to your website your customer testimonial via the TrustStar Reviews platform will increase your online sales and profits!

According to a recent study; a few customer reviews can result in a 10% increase in sales and 200 reviews can results in as much as a 44% increase in sales.

Obtaining plenty of good customer reviews on an independent reviews platform needs be part of any sound marketing strategy.

The Benefits Of Customer Reviews On Your Website