How TrustStar Reviews Works For Your Business!

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To claim your free company profile, simply go to the home page and use the search facility to find your company.

Follow the onscreen instructions and complete your company details to establish a online presence on the Trust Star Reviews platform.

It costs absolutely nothing to join and no credit card details are required.

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Collect & Respond To Reviews For FREE

Once you have completed your company profile and we have received the relevant confirmations we will supply you with account log on details for you to access your free TrustStar Reviews account.

Once your account is activated we will supply you with a customisable email template complete with tracking code so you can start collecting customer reviews. Our system automatically informs you when you have new online reviews.

Through you account you will be able to view and respond to any of your online customer reviews. Again this is a free service to all companies: no contract. no prepayment and no credit card details are required.

Showcase Customer Reviews On Your Website

Once you have collected a few customer reviews and are happy using our reviews platform you can then showcase your reviews on your company website.

Displaying your customer reviews on your website is THE most powerful marketing tool available to any online business.

Using a TrustStar Reviews widget on your website increases your conversion rates, drives more sales and increases profits!

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How Much Does It Cost?

We only charge a fee once you showcase your customer reviews on your website. With our subscription service you can integrate a TrustStar Reviews widget on you company website and display your customer reviews online.

In addition you can pay monthly and there are no long term contracts to sign. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time without any cancellation changes.

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Why Should I Use TrustStar Reviews?

Apart from being the most cost effective online reviews platform in the UK we offer our clients some unique additional benefits.

When a consumer posts an online review about your company they must confirm that they have actually purchased a product or service from your company and be able to provide proof of purchase.

Each individual review has to be authorised by a real human moderator prior to being posted live onto the TrustStar Reviews platfrom.

We work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that all customer reviews are genuine and conform to our Review Guidelines. On your company profile you will always have the ability to flag any reviews that you may deem to be incorrect.

How Do I Know It Will Work For Me!

It is more than likely that you have seen many companies integrating online customer reviews onto their websites. Its working for them and it will work for you!

Online reviews really do matter!. They act as an effective and inexpensive way to increase sales and do not demand a great deal of effort to implement.

Unlike social media campaigns and other marketing techniques which require a large amount of time, money, and effort, an online review strategy can be easily implemented and will have a fast, positive impact on your business's success.

To truly appreciate the benefits of reviews please take some time to read:

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I Am Concerned About Negative Reviews!

One of the most common questions we hear from companies is "What if I get a negative review" about our company.

However, a negative review from a customer only means that you might have made a mistake. No business is 100% perfect and consumers know this fact.

A negative review is not as bad as your first think. It gives you the best opportunity to showcase how much your customers matter to you. Dealing with a negative review will actually help your online reputation and improves consumer trust.

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