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In today's highly saturated marketplace, businesses are constantly battling for new customers. As a business it is imperative to embrace all the different marketing tools to keep one step ahead of your competitors.

TrustStar is an online reviews platform designed to help business collect reviews from their customers and display them on their website. Our primary goal is to help you increase website traffic, conversion rates, sales and profits.

Ratings and reviews provide new customers with genuine feedback about your products or services and shows that you are actively engaging with your customers. Using an online reviews platform shows you are open to the truth and embrace the thoughts of your clients. This benefits your brand image as you are seen as being transparent, even if you have some bad reviews.

All 5 Star Reviews Are Not Beneficial!

As previously explained in our Benefits Of Customer Reviews section most companies believe that only 5 star reviews will benefit their business, recent studies have found that great but not all excellent customer ratings boost sales.

Consumers who constantly see 5 star reviews simply believe that the service or products is simply "too good to be true" and are less likely to purchase.

Recent research concluded that having a star rating between the 4.2 to 4.7 range actually boosted sales more than purely 5 star ratings.

Positive and Negative Reviews Actually Help!

A lack of any negative reviews actually affects a customer's opinion of your business and their decision to make a purchase.

Research indicates that 68% of customers trust a company more if they see positive reviews but also some negative reviews. Over 30% suspect censorship when they do not see any negative reviews.

Understandably, many business owners are unsure about dealing with a negative review. However presenting a few flaws and dealing with them builds trust.

Do Not Fear A Negative Review!

There are many more positive reviews online than there are negative ones.

A recent reviews data study indicated that just 4% of reviews with a verified purchase were rated three stars or less.

Having a negative review online is obviously a concern for many businesses and this can make companies initially reluctant to use an online reviews platform. Companies have the option to report negative reviews to us if the review violates our user guidelines or the company has no record of the reviewer ever having been an actual customer.

If your company delivers great products or services and customers are generally impressed, then you should not fear a negative review. Having a few negative reviews makes people trust you more because the reviews seem more 'real'.

Review guidelines

Responding To Customer Reviews!

It is always good practise to respond to all your online reviews (both positive and negative) and always try to thank customers for their positive reviews.

If you should experience a negative review it is how you respond to them that will make a massive difference to how customers perceive your company.

Remember not to take a negative review personally, keep calm and realise that no company in the world cannot please every single person, no matter how amazing their product or service may be.

Treat A Negative Review As An Opportunity!

The best way to treat a negative review is to quickly engage with the customer and find out what exactly went wrong. A prompt reply indicating that you are sorry to hear that the customer has had a bad experience and ask them to call you or your customer service department immediately to rectify the problem.

Customers always appreciate a quick response and if you can rectify the problem it will change the customers perception of your company from negative to positive.

It is also important to realise that your company probably isn't perfect in everything it does and therefore, negative reviews can help to highlight areas you can improve, so you do not receive a similar negative review in the future.

Strengths And Weaknesses!

Online reviews help you and your company keep a finger on the pulse of customer services. Integrating an independent reviews platform is a great way to truly discover your strengths and weakness.

Real time customer reviews provide you with an opportunity to address any issues in a way that reflects positively on your company.

When you take the time to reply to a negative review, address the situation and make it right, you will show any potential new customer that you are trustworthy, transparent and truly care about your customers.

Plans and pricing

TrustStar Verified Reviews?

Apart from being the most cost effective online reviews platform in the UK we offer our clients some unique additional benefits.

When a consumer posts an online review about your company they must confirm that they have actually purchased a product or service from your company and be able to provide proof of purchase.

We do not rely solely on computer algorithms to detect fake or inappropriate reviews. Each individual review has to be authorised by a real human moderator prior to being posted live to the Trust Star Reviews platform.

We work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that all customer reviews are genuine and conform to our customer review terms and conditions. As a client you will always have the ability to flag any reviews that are deemed to be incorrect or fake.

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